Dangerous Apps: તમારા ફોનમા આ 17 એપ માથી કોઇ એપ હોય તો તરત જ કરો ડીલીટ

Dangerous Apps: Nowadays we download many apps from Google Play Store without thinking. Many apps. Some steal the phone data after installing it in the mobile, as a result of which one has to become a victim of fraud like emptying the bank account. Currently, there are 17 apps. has been removed from Google Play Store which was downloaded more than 1 crore.

Dangerous Apps: તમારા ફોનમા આ 17 એપ માથી કોઇ એપ હોય તો તરત જ કરો ડીલીટ

Dangerous Apps

If you are using an Android smartphone, be careful before using any pun app indiscriminately. Security researchers have discovered several finance apps from the Google Play Store that were infected with a malware virus. The special thing is that these finance apps have been installed on millions of devices. If you have any of these dangerous apps on your phone, delete them immediately.

Apple and Google have completely different ecosystems. While Apple focuses on a limited system with limited access, Google has more apps. offers but comes with more risks. Despite a lot of security, there are frequent reports of some mobile apps being available on the Google Play Store and third-party app platforms. Such apps steal user data and result in fraud.

Called 'SpyLoan', these apps promise instant loans but also steal personal data. Google has deleted most of such apps but found that these apps were downloaded more than 1.2 crore times before they were removed. Let us tell you that users who have downloaded these apps in their phones should be careful even after deleting them. And these apps. All the data and the given access should also be removed from the phone.

PhoneArena has shared this list of Dangerous Apps. If you have any of these 17 apps installed on your phone, it should be deleted immediately. Apart from this, you should also change the passcode and Wi-Fi password of your device. If possible, also change the passcode of your bank account, digital wallet, etc. Be aware of any suspicious activity on your smartphone. Never click on any unknown link found in an email or message. These apps. In addition to deleting these apps, go to the Google settings on the phone. Also, remove all the access given to it.

Malware app. list

  • AA Kredit
  • Amor Cash (Amor Cash) Credit Loan-UmiCash
  • Go Crédito
  • Instantáneo Préstamo
  • GuayabaCash (GuayabaCash) Rapid Credits (Rápido Crédito)
  • Finupp Lending
  • EasyCredit
  • Cashwow
  • CrediBus
  • FlashLoan
  • PrestamosCredit
  • Cartera Grande
  • 4S Cash
  • TrueNaira
  • EasyCash

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