monsoon prediction 2020

monsoon prediction 2020
monsoon prediction 2020 | Barish kab aayegi | monsoon coming |

monsoon prediction 2020 | barish lab aayegi | monsoon coming |

Illawarra later in the day reaching the Sydney metropolitan area around 11 pm or midnight tonight. We'll see strong and gusty southwesterly winds behind the change, through the Gippsland coast will initially see the first change and then a stronger push of wind a little bit later on, so it will strengthen those winds. And particularly when the Illawarra Coastwe's got a Severe Weather Warning for damaging wind gusts potentially with that southwesterly change.

 Hello again from the Bureau. Communities through eastern Victoria and southern New South Wales are doing it incrediblytough at the moment with the ongoing fires. But unfortunately today is anotherday of extreme fire risk. This morning thick smoke is blanketing eastern partsof Victoria and southern New South Wales with the ongoing fires we're even seensome smoke pushing to western parts of Victoria and that's from the SouthAustralian fires particularly around Kangaroo Island yesterday. Todaywill be another day severe to extreme fire danger through many districts reaching extremethrough northeast Victoria, and then through a wide swathe of southern andsoutheastern New South Wales including the ACT. Fire danger today will be on par with what we saw on New Year's Eve, ifanything that changes arriving later in the day today in comparison to NewYear's Eve, giving more time for those strong north to northwesterly winds toaffect the fire regions. The change that we're waiting for is sitting throughWest Gippsland this morning having moved through Melbourne earlier this morning.We will see northerly winds north to northwesterly winds ahead of the changestrengthened to around 20 to 40 km/h throughout the day todaygusting to around 50 to 70 km/h. The change will move through the fireregions through East Gippsland in the early afternoon and then throughsouthern New South Wales in the
Just keep an eye on those temperatures therepotentially reaching around the 40 degree mark through the East Gippsland and the southern coast of New South Wales we may see thosetemperatures just along the coastal fringe just temper a little bit in seabreezes but certainly the extreme heat will push very close to the coast, andyou can see temperatures in that mid 40s mark through the inland there.

Let's takea closer look at when that wind change is expected through specific regionsthrough Victoria we're likely to see the wind change reached the East Gippslandaround that Mallacoota region around 1pm or a little bit after and thenthrough the southern New South Wales region will see that change push up theNew South Wales coast in the late afternoon and early evening, thenreaching the Sydney region around 11pm tonight. So please throughout today,a day of extreme fire is please take advice from all emergencyservices and stay in touch with the Bureau's warnings on our website app and social media.
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