APL 2 ration card facilities in Gujarat government Ration Card Apply Online/ Offline 2020

APL 2 ration card facilities in Gujarat government Ration Card Apply Online/ Offline 2020

APL 2 ration card facilities in Gujarat government Ration Card Apply Online/ Offline 2020

What is the Ration Card Ration Card People are very worried about getting a ration card nowadays and how you can apply for a ration card online? How to apply offline fly / apply online for ration card? And how long will it take you to get a ration card by following what terms and conditions, and how you will finally get this ration card.

You may be eligible to get it, let's find out if you know almost everything about the ration card in this.

APL 2 ration card facilities in Gujarat government Ration Card Apply Online/ Offline 2020

Ration card called Ration Stamp-

Is a card issued by the state government under which the cardholder i.e. ration cardholder can purchase food grains and other food items at subsidized rates? Subsidized rates are much lower than market prices which ration cardholders do not buy grain from?

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Friends, every ward has a public distribution system, to buy which you can tell the grain rice sugar kerosene from there that the goods are given under the ration card you can buy all those things at a subsidized rate. This is now a ration card. What documents should we have to make a ration card?

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All the Best All Friends

How can we get a ration card first? -

First of all, you must be an Indian citizen by following the terms and conditions of the ration card you want to get. You must be at least 18 years old. You should not already have another ration card. Says you have a ration card You cannot create two ration cards at present.

 There should be a close relationship between the applicant and the member applicant's friends, in whose name the ration card is applied and they are known as the members who are with the application. If you are in the name of your mother or father apply rationcardio mother or father, in whose name you have applied the applicant became and your brother or his sister is added to the ration card here with him.

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If your sister is married their name will be added on the other side if they are married, but if they are not married their name will also be added here along with your parent's friends, whose mother or father has applied for ration card in you. The name is the applicant and you are a member so the applicant and the member should have a close relationship.

No ration card should be generated here together with the applicant or member then you can apply for a ration card. In the ration card, women are considered the head of a friendly family. Here the Pay Ration Card is applied in the name of a woman, you can apply in the name of that person only if you do not have a woman in your family. So this is to apply some conditions. Ration card here you should also know

There are two types of ration cards. The first is BPL. Ration Card Second A Nan- BPL Ration Card-

 So this letter is now called Girust Rasan Card. Here BPL means below the poverty line. The first ration card i.e.; the BPL Ration card This ration card is red in color, and this ration card is given to such people. There is no one earning in the family.

 Families who fall below the poverty line are therefore eligible for BPL in both these categories. A ration card is issued. BPL There is a ration card. NON-BPL ration cards are given to friends who do not have a government job and those who do not pay income tax together.

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 Then you may think that there will be many people around you. Cards are made so how do they make friends I will share this with you in the final part so friends, these are these two types of ration cards. Now it comes to making both these types of ration cards.

What documents do you need? First of all documents-

Friends a passport-size photograph is required here which has the head of the family i.e. the head of the family. Whoever the member is with their photo, the applicant, and the member all pay people must have a passport-size photo. The applicant and member should all be in the same photo.

For other friends, if you need a passport-size photo first, you will need to provide proof of residence. You can check Aadhaar cards, card support under voter ID, electricity bills, gas bills, or any kind of bill from the state government. Or the Central Government, coming under residential evidence.

 You can use any document here, friends, here you will need a bank account. The reason for making a ration card in many states is to give a photocopy of your passbook here for the bank account passbook. If you do not have proof of residence, you cannot provide proof of residence.

How do you create a ration card?

So that the person you circle FSO will also check the person's area or one of the other CII three. You can apply for a ration card after you receive a statement from the two neighbors. So, friends, all these documents are required to make a ration card. You are eligible to make a ration card and you also have all these documents then how can you make a ration card.

 There are two main ways to create a ration card for friends:

First-line fly line and second line

First of all, we know about offline flight

 You don't have to do much to make your friends fly offline. Ration card usually you have to go to any government place if you live in the city, tehsil office, ward commissioner cumin office, Nagar panchayat office, and if you live in the village then gram panchayat you can apply for ration card from all places.

 Friends, but the easiest way to do this is to have a vendor in your area, a public distribution system where people with ration cards buy grain or other food items, you usually have to go and tell them that you have an ant to get a ration card. Will give. You have to fill out that form and to fill out those documents and attach photocopies of all the documents I have told you to that form.

 Then friends have to go and resubmit them if they say, then maybe you have an MO. Go to BlockGo on and submit this form, but if they have given you the form they submit the form to you. It will collect, when you submit this form to them they don't just apply this form because there must be many people.

 The dealer has to go to the block that you collectively form all the people and call it MOMFO. Friends are given an acceptance number. So if there is a service area in your area, the dealer will give you an acceptance number, which you can use. Where are you still talking about creating your ration card for that process? So boys you are offline flying this ration card applies to you.

 Now coming when we will get this ration card when we know how we can apply r ocean card action, online friends, you cannot apply ration card apply online manually. Here's how to apply online. Application Online application services are available in all states.

 The website has been given the opportunity to apply online in all the states, but what happens is that it is necessary to apply for a user ID and password ration card. Is.

You have to pay to get the user-id and password so all you have to do is get the ration card so you have to pay for what you buy.

So here's what happens friends so you don't buy a user ID or password to create a single ration card. It is a customer service portal where many things happen online. From there you can apply. What do these people do by purchasing this user-id and password, they will apply for your ration card from there.

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 An online ration card is being applied, you have to give them based on your documents. Fill in the complete form of the ration card online. They will also give you an acceptance number through which you can check the status of your ration card.

Now comes the number of days this ration card is made-

It takes different times in each state to make a ration card. It takes an average of 15 days to make if you look. Just a few days ago only almost all the states reduced the time to produce a ration card in Dwivedi. It used to take 30 days to make a ration card, now it takes only 9 days to make a ration card. This 30-day time has been reduced to 9 days, so friends, this time has been reduced in many states.

Friends also have two options on how to get a ration card.

When your ration card is created, so it arrives at your block moso, you can go straight to the block, and get your ration card from the MO office. But what happens here is your friends your dealers in your area with whom you have applied for ration card, what they do to get the ration card of everyone in their area.

After that M.A. Collects from and then he brings all the people in his area and provides a personal Russian card. Either they call everyone at their home or they call them at their office fees. And their ration cards provide it all. So it happens very rarely. Normally, you have to go from Moso this way, friends will get you a ration card. And then you can use it.

Monthly cereals and any food items can be purchased from the public distribution system. Very low cost. So now you need to know what is the ration card of friends, what documents are available, how long it takes to create and if you like this, you can choose this.

Ration Card Apply Online-Offline 2020

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