Redmi note 8 pro vs Realme xt Comparison

Redmi note 8 pro vs Realme xt Comparison

Redmi note 8 pro vs Realme xt Comparison
Redmi note 8 pro vs Realme xt Comparison

Let's now let's start now because both phones have similarities in both. Here they do the glass sandwich design and more importantly around their Gorilla Glass 5 as far as let's both are gradients and much more with these white boxes Is not. I would say separately that they are just as attractive.

Redmi note 8 pro vs Realme xt weight

As for the dimensions here, the real pulls the XT ahead of me, it has got a small rung. It is slightly smaller and thinner and thinner than the Redmi Note 8. A lot of it is also about 20 grams lighter and this is something you will see picking up these phones saying that the Redmi has a P2i coating on the phone to protect it from splash and just a better seal. For it is rubber grom. A dedicated in ingrain variantThere is also a micro SD slot that also comes with this rubber grommet so that on one hand we have a more minimal and sleek phone in the actual vxt well and we also have a more feature packed Redmi Note 8 Pro to be a little bit bigger. Is, so here from a building design perspective, the winner is going to come down for personal choice. I want to let you choose people,

Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Realme XT Display Compared

Let's also find out what the majority chooses from here. Take the book that listens to your voice now. Both phones have a full HD Plus panel which has a notch but the same similarities are the larger 6.5 in the Redmi Note 8 Pro Compared to the inch panel is 6.4 which is on the Real Me XD. It has now been said that the Pro's increased footprint is more pronounced, stating that XD uses AMOLED panels,

The Pro IPS LCD AMOLED panels are a better contrast than the Note because they offer darker blacks and the same here with the XT as the Pro is slightly better known for colors. On the cooler side and both of them are those shiny panels, despite it being the famous Pro big panel, I'm going to go with the real me xt because I think amyloids are better, but it's my choice if you think That
The increase in size is more important to you so feel free to swap the results around the fact that the Real Me XT has an AMOLED panel,

Which also means that the real me is able to include it here under the fingerprint scanner, it is not as fast as the physical form of the finger. The fingerprint scanner on the Redmi Note 8 Pro is still quite fast and under the display of the phone There is a scanner up front, not only is it more convenient, but itAlso leads the way to the future tee. He said that on the other hand the physical scan 8 is more because it is much faster as I said, but I also like it to be slightly higher to my liking. It seems to reach us anyway,

The Note 8 Pro has an IR blaster that lets you control devices around the house. So if you want to say control in our conditioner or TV, all this Pro can double as a remote control these days, you This feature is not available on many phones and is a small add-on, I have the ability to speak a little louder in the XD note Pro,

But the output of the xt speaker is Clara's Kalina. It's a better quality for audio because Doggy has a clear edge over most XTs for audio via the headphone jack. Now there's a clear edge from here. Audio let's go to the intern and here XT Competes with Qualcomm's ten-nanometer Snapdragon 712 chip, while the Redmi Note has twelveThe ten nanometer chip at 8 xt should give it a thermal advantage compared to the nanometer MediaTek Helio G9TP but I read the counter with which on liquid cooling reads we know that the MediaTek Helio G9TT is fixed for CPU when the rate increases yet Appearance is better chip. It is more powerful. It is about 20% faster than Snapdragon 712 based on benchmark score,

Redmi note 8 pro vs Realme xt Comparison
Redmi note 8 pro vs Realme xt Comparison

As far as both GPU phones are now. It should perform more or less the same as Qualcomm's GPUs usually punch well above their weight in our tests, I tried to run some games on both phones and neither posted any issues, as 64 and 664 RAM for variants provides well for storage options Radley offers six firsts as base and six 128 and eight 120 wishes high base and edge Ikalp are

Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Realme XT Battery compared

 The Helio G9dt now brings with it the Redmi Note 8 Pro which gives so much hardware to this round. For the battery as a premium or as a pro, the Redmi Note One Pro has a power battery of 4500 million as compared to the real 4000 to here. I think both phones should be well on a single charge a day,

There is not a Pro slight increase here. However as the chart speeds up the charges of the xt you know it includes 20 watts. Charged work. Not well prepared with the charger. A Pro option is included at 18 watts included. What's the difference now with the Quick Charge 3.0 adapter which doesn't really matter much but with Book Charging the Real Me Charger has certain circuitry Area as the offload
This allows me to charge the battery without heating the phone or charging the phone without heating the battery so that we can charge faster. The phone says that you can fast game and charge at the same time and this is not something that the famous Pro. Any proprietary adapter will work, any qc3 adapter will work even

That power banks will also work with quick charge support so you will easily know that it is white spirit. It has wide compatibility and it is an advantage that a high capacity coupled battery hands me this Read with battery. We move on to the user interface with day-to-day usage, both phones being very fast and fast. They don't do that it doesn't feel a tad snappier,

But this only happens when you compare these two side-by-side as if the user interface itself both have their own custom skins on top of Android 9pi with the Redmi Note 8 Pro. We've got UI 10. The real me XD's color is OS 6. Both have their own pros and cons. For example Color OS is an out draw.There are no ads in the interface that are a major supporter in the meantime, a stronger theme engine at the moment is a better gesture engine based navigation system, baked in Alexa Integration Redmi Note 8 Pro, also using Alexa or Google Assistant Voice Can wake up,

 Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Realme XT Camera Compared

Where XT ends with a brighter image, it ends with a more vivid image. It's still a benefit Note 8 Pro and both low-light phones offer dedicated low-light mods night mode on the Vui Nightscape on Color OS. At first glance it may seem that xt actually does better,

But when we zoom into the noted pro, it does not. Better picture is sharper in the picture. The XT sometimes gets a slight shock on both phones with an 8-megapixel F 2.2 wide-angle camera, and there's not much different here in terms of dynamic range or detail, let's move on. Trait mode is real here. I think something strange is happening with the processing, even beauty mode is turned off, there is a little skin whitening and smoothening going on.

Adjust the amount of blur roundWhich is positive for this, so I'm going to give it to the Note 8 Pro again, so the last sensor on a list is a 2-megapixel macro option, it seems Redmi has an edge with detail, but rubbing. Color is better as far as video goes. Both phones can shoot 4k video at 30kp and this resolution is neither the phone offers stabilization so there is no difference. E now in 1080p
Is ready and has warm tones and requires a bit more cropping to achieve this level of stabilization, it's worth noting that the redding allows shooting. Two macro's really incredible amount of shake through the other two sensors Are not useful when looking at, but wide-angle videos that can come in handy at times

This is not something we can do with the actual XD as noted for selfies. AUS 20 megapixel f / 2 produces better skin tone than real me XT 16 megapixel f / 2 detail levels are about the same fact that Redmi allows us to adjust the amount of background blur with portraits, this makes it a longer selfie. We get an advantage with the pricing of the Redmi Note 8.

Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Realme XT Storage

 8 Pro This 6 GB RAM starts at Rs 15,000 for the 64 GB storage variant and the original XT starts at this. 4 GB RAM is Rs 16,000 for 64 GB variants and then 6 64 rupees on 17 dozen, so the question here is real to pay Rs 2,000 more or 1000 rupees more and on RAM well 2 GB Hera Dondre Have to take. Not really now if you're not really into gaming and

You want a decent phone that you are using mainly for video consumption as you see in media consumption, which means that most media consumption means what you are looking for is mostly really extreme. Might make sense for you as it has two things on the Redmi Note 8

Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Realme XT Features

 Pro is that AMOLED panels through two Dolby Atmos headphones and clear speakers now have these two major advantages, with others being smaller such as book charging and in-fingerprint scanners and so on, but then I added media benefits to these two. Mentioned and they cater to a very niche audience once you only want to consume media through their streaming I am, but the best bang for the rest of the buyers is if your buck is what you want

If Mac storage is what you want a vest camera for the price or the most powerful chip you are looking for at this price point, then the Redmi Note 8 Pro is the best option for you. It's my two cents that I think Like I said in the beginning of this video, these two brands keep each other connected, this is now the real master and I am going to get here

Can't wait and when it does I probably won't. To be able to wait for the Redmi Note 9 arrest the competition to get here at the end of the day. It's a competition between these two brands,

Redmi Note 8 Pro vs Realme XT Price

he price of Redmi Note 8 Pro in India starts at Rs 14,999 for the 6GB RAM + 64GB storage variant. It has two more variants - the price of 6GB RAM + 128GB ROM will be Rs 15,999 and 8GB RAM + 128GB ROM variant will cost you Rs 17,999. Meanwhile, the price of Realme XT in India starts at Rs 15,999 for the 4GB RAM variant and goes up to Rs 17,999 for the top-end variant.
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