You can get AC fun for only 400 rupees

You can get AC fun for only 400 rupees

There is a cooling device in the market which is very small and gives air like AC. This low cost portable mini cooler has the power to cool an entire room in a matter of minutes. Let us know about it .

You can get AC fun for only 400 rupees

Summer is here. People have started getting coolers and AC serviced. One powerful AC after another is coming in the market. But the latest portable mini AC in the market is so powerful that it is also small in size, as well as uses less electricity. If you are looking for a portable cooling device that uses less electricity then portable air conditioner is a great option. This low cost portable mini cooler can cool a room in minutes. Also know the details if you want to buy.

Portable Mini AC

This mini AC will be the best option for you while studying, working in the office or if you are sitting alone in the room. The device can be purchased both online and offline. Prices start at Rs 400 and can be had up to Rs 2,000. It is made in different designs and shapes. The option is available on Flipkart. You can buy a mini AC of your choice from it.

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Mini AC

How will work

પોર્ટેબલ મિની કૂલર ઓડૅર કરવા અહીં ક્લિક કરો 

You will need to use dry ice or water to use it. Which will keep it cool. It is very easy to operate. It does not consume much electricity. It is best to use this device while working on the table. 

lunar eclipse 2020 July timing Chandra Grahan 5 July 2020

lunar eclipse 2020 July timing Chandra Grahan 5 July 2020

lunar eclipse 2020 July timing Chandra Grahan 5 July 2020

This year, the lunar overshadowing will be commended on July 5, 2020, showing up just in parts of the world. The main shroud happened in January, the second in June and the third is going on this month. During this cosmic occasion, the earth obstructs the daylight arriving at the outside of the moon. This implies the sun, earth, and moon adjust precisely and the earth is between the sun and the moon. Here are a few insights concerning this episode.

Live Chandra grahan

What is a penumbral lunar overshadowing? 

During an overshadowing, the earth covers all or part of the moon with the external piece of the world's shadow, known as the obscuration. Deals with the vicinity of the moon to its orbital hubs, the length, and kind of lunar obscurations. The contrast between a sun oriented and a lunar obscuration is that the previous can be seen in little pieces of the world, while the last can be seen anyplace on Earth around evening time. In contrast to sun based shrouds, lunar obscurations can be seen with no security. Sun oriented obscurations never come alone. It generally precedes or after a lunar shroud.

Remember about the lunar overshadowing on July 5, 2020.
Chandra Grahan

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To what extent will it be? 

It will start at 8:37 a.m. also, end at 11:22 AM (IST). The overshadowing will arrive at its most extreme at 9:59 AM (IST). The occasion will keep going for around 2 hours 45 minutes.

Will it show up from India? 

Tragically, this marvel won't be obvious from India, as it happens during morning light. During the shroud, India will confront the sun with the goal that the lunar overshadowing won't be noticeable legitimately, as the moon will be underneath the skyline.

In what different pieces of the world will it show up? 

It will show up in South and North America, New Zealand, South Africa, and West Africa, portions of Southwestern Europe, New Zealand, and the Pacific Ocean, and a couple of more areas. It will glance impeccable in West Africa.

When will the following lunar shroud occur? 

The fourth lunar overshadowing will happen on November 29, 2020. This will be a lunar obscuration like the other three.
Surygrahan 21 june 2020

Surygrahan 21 june 2020

Surygrahan 21 june 2020
Surygrahan 21 june 2020

Science without religion is lame and religion without science is blind Namaskar dear friends, my name is Suresh Shrimali On 21st June a Solar Eclipse will take place in the Mrigashrisha Nakshatra during Amavasya tithi in Krishna Paksha I welcome you all to this special episode When the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, we see this eclipse in the form of a brilliant ring which is called as "the ring of fire" and we will see this spectacle on the 21st of June this eclipse will happen in the Gemini zodiac and at the same time there will be the formation of Jadatvya dosh due to Rahu and Mercury Before this, the last eclipse of Sun had come on the 26th December 2019 and then immediately after that China had informed the WHO about the emergence of corona virus Now a thought is emerging that the last Solar eclipse had shaken the world and millions lost their lives or become homeless so will the eclipse of 21st June be as bad. I will now shed light on this During this eclipse which is going to happen in Gemini, Mars will be present in the Pisces and will be watching over Sun, Mercury, Moon and Rahu which will create an inauspicious situation This will create lots of disturbance in the world and the retrograde of 5 planet too warns us of difficult times Now have a look at what you will be seeing during the time, you are watching this episode There are three class of thoughts with regards to a eclipse but first we will see where all the eclipse of the sun is mentioned after that we will know where all will we be able to see this Solar eclipse Is there a connection between Shri Ram and this eclipse What had Aryabhatt and Einstein said about the Solar eclipse

Surygrahan 21 june 2020
सूर्यग्रहण विशे नी तमाम गुजराती माहिती माटे यहां दबाये

सूर्यग्रहण live देखे यहां

Solar Eclipse 2020 timings: Area-wise

Jaipur 10:14 AM 11:55 AM 1:44 PM 91

Japal 10:15 AM 11:56 AM 1:44 PM 59

Jodhpur 10:08 AM 11:47 AM 1:35 PM 91

Kandla 09:59 AM 11:35 AM 1:24 PM 85

K’kumari 10:17 AM 11:41 AM 1:15 PM 33

Kochi 10:10 AM 11:38 AM 1:17 PM 40

Kolkata 10:46 AM 12:35 PM 2:17 PM 72

Leh 10:29 AM 12:06 PM 1:47 PM 87

Lucknow 10:26 AM 12:11 PM 1:58 PM 88

Mt. Abu 10:05 AM 11:44 AM 1:34 PM 87

Mumbai 10:00 AM 11:37 AM 1:27 PM 70

Naini Tal 10:25 AM 12:08 PM 1:54 PM 96

Nanded 10:11 AM 11:53 AM 1:42 PM 66

22:32 (IST)20 Jun 2020

Solar Eclipse 2020 timings: Area-wise

New Delhi 10:19 AM 12:01 PM 1:48 PM 95

Port Blair 11:15 AM 12:53 PM 2:18 PM 39

Pune 10:02 AM 11:40 AM 1:30 PM 67

Rajkot 09:59 AM 11:35 AM 1:25 PM 82

Shilong            10:57 AM       12:46 PM        2:24 PM         83

Srinagar          10:23 AM       11:59 AM       1:40 PM          86

Trivandrum     10:14 AM       11:39 AM       1:15 PM          35

Udaipur           10:07 AM       11:47 AM       1:36 PM          86

22:31 (IST)20 Jun 2020
Solar Eclipse June 21: Timings in India

Here's when you will be able to see solar eclipse in your area. The following are the areas and timings for this year's annual solar eclipse.

Agra                10:19 AM       12:02 PM        1:50 PM          90

Ahmedabad     10:03 AM       11:41 AM       1:32 PM          82

Amritsar          10:19 AM       11:57 AM       1:41 PM          94

Bengaluru       10:12 AM       11:47 AM       1:31 PM          47
Bhuj                09:58 AM       11:33 AM       1:23 PM          86
Chennai           10:22 AM       11:58 AM       1:41 PM          46
Dibrugarh       11:07 AM       12:54 PM        2:29 PM          89
Gawahati         10:57 AM       12:45 PM        2:24 PM          84
Hyderabad      10:14 AM       11:55 AM       1:44 PM          60
Indore              10:10 AM       11:51 AM       1:42 PM          78
22:03 (IST)20 Jun 2020

Solar Eclipse 2020: Locations, timings for annular eclipse
Tomorrow during annual solar eclipse the Moon will cover about 99.5 per cent area of the Sun. These are the locations that will be annual solar eclipse tomorrow according to Nehru Planetarium.

Dehra Dun      10:24 AM       12:05 PM        1:50 PM          14.0
Gharsana         10:12 AM       11:50 AM       1:36 PM          29.8
Kalanka           10:28 AM       12:10 PM        1:55 PM          28.0
Kurukshetra    10:21 AM        12:01 PM        1:47 PM          30.4
 I will also tell you ten predictions which will be very important in your lives In our special research on eclipse we will know how whenever a Solar eclipse happened there were calamities throughout the world we have done a research to kind out those dates when this eclipse happened and what happened during those periods I would advise you to see this research Most of us start thinking negatively the moment we hear the word eclipse but why such a thought arises - no one knows therefore we have done a research based program to know weather your thought on eclipse is right or wrong Is has been usually seen that during any eclipse, negative energies become more active We have spent a lot of time and effort to prepare this program for you as our research got deeper we came across many surprising facts we saw calamities happening on the day of the solar eclipse calamities happening within 7 days of  the sighting of the solar eclipse and calamities happening within 25 and 35 days. There is such a long list which will surprise you Now let's begin- there are three types of thoughts with regard to the solar eclipse One of them are the Astronomers they are those who are constantly watching and studying  what's happening in space and then taking forward their research Secondly those who follow the Hindu scriptures and worship the Sun those who believe the Sun to be the voice of our souls those who believe Sun to be like their father it is Sun its self which gives life and is virtually God for us and such people hold fasts, conduct prayers and donate during such Solar eclipse and they have acquired this knowledge from their ancestors and thirdly, those who spend less time on discussing on an subject and spend more time arguing such people like to talk and discuss their point of view but if someone talks of the Hindu culture then they term it as old fashioned, having blind faith and give it many other names these people are those who do not believe in Indian culture and have more faith in western culture It thing to lament now is that most of the younger generation of today are giving more importance to the thoughts and words of the third kind of people and they tend to forget that its their ancestors and their parents who have practiced this culture successfully But if you think carefully, the older generation lived a peaceful and harmonious life whereas people with this modern culture are neither happy nor are able to lead a harmonious life in fact they are sadder Now i am sharing some information related to the solar eclipse
જુઓ ચંદ્રયાન 3 નું લાઈવ ટેલીકાસ્ટ: લાઈવ ચંદ્રયાન 3 લોન્ચનેઓનલાઈન કેવી રીતે જોવું?

જુઓ ચંદ્રયાન 3 નું લાઈવ ટેલીકાસ્ટ: લાઈવ ચંદ્રયાન 3 લોન્ચનેઓનલાઈન કેવી રીતે જોવું?

જુઓ ચંદ્રયાન 3 નું લાઈવ ટેલીકાસ્ટ: લાઈવ ચંદ્રયાન 3 લોન્ચનેઓનલાઈન કેવી રીતે જોવું? ભારતીય અવકાશ સંશોધન સંસ્થા (ISRO) ચંદ્રયાન-3 મિશન આંધ્રપ્રદેશના શ્રીહરિકોટા ખાતેના સતીશ ધવન સ્પેસ સેન્ટરમાંથી શુક્રવારે 14 જુલાઈએ બપોરે 2.35 વાગ્યે પ્રક્ષેપિત થવાનું છે.

જુઓ ચંદ્રયાન 3 નું લાઈવ ટેલીકાસ્ટ: લાઈવ ચંદ્રયાન 3 લોન્ચનેઓનલાઈન કેવી રીતે જોવું?

ચંદ્રયાન 3 વિષે ટૂંકમાં માહિતી

ચંદ્રના બે ભાગ છે, જેમાં એક ભાગ પર હંમેશા પ્રકાશ રહે છે, જ્યારે એક ભાગ એવો છે જ્યાં સતત અંધારું રહે છે. ઇસરોનું આ મિશન અંધારાવાળી જગ્યા પર સંશોધન કરવાનું મિશન છે, આવું કરનારો ભાર એક માત્ર દેશ બનશે.

ઇસરોનું ચંદ્રયાન-3નું લેન્ડર મિશન ચંદ્રયાન-2ની ક્રેશ સાઇટથી 100 કિમી દૂર ઉતરશે, ચંદ્રના આ ભાગમાં સૂર્યના કિરણો ત્રાસા પડે છે, જેથી આ જગ્યા પર તાપમાન માયનસ 180 ડિગ્રી સુધી પહોંચી જાય છે. આ જગ્યા પર પાણી મળવાની શક્યતાઓ વધી જાય છે.

ચંદ્રયાન 3 લોન્ચને ઓનલાઈન કેવી રીતે જોવું?

ચંદ્રયાન-3 મિશનના લેન્ડર, રોવર અને પ્રોપલ્શન મોડ્યુલને વહન કરતા LVM-3 (લોન્ચ વ્હીકલ માર્ક – III) નું લોન્ચિંગ ISROની વેબસાઇટ અને YouTube ચેનલ પર સ્ટ્રીમ કરવામાં આવશે. જ્યારે તે 14 જુલાઈના રોજ IST બપોરે 2 વાગ્યે લાઈવ થશે ત્યારે તમે તેને નીચેની લિંક દ્વારા જોઈ શકો છો

ચંદ્રયાન-3 મિશનના લેન્ડર, રોવર અને પ્રોપલ્શન મોડ્યુલને વહન કરતા LVM-3 (લોન્ચ વ્હીકલ માર્ક – III) નું લોન્ચિંગ ISROની વેબસાઇટ અને YouTube ચેનલ પર સ્ટ્રીમ કરવામાં આવશે. જ્યારે તે 14 જુલાઈના રોજ IST બપોરે 2 વાગ્યે લાઈવ થશે ત્યારે તમે તેને નીચેની લિંક દ્વારા જોઈ શકો છો.

મિશન વિશે લાઈવ અપડેટ્સ માટે તમે @ ની પણ મુલાકાત લઈ શકો છો.

જુઓ ચંદ્રયાન 3 નું લાઈવ ટેલીકાસ્ટ

નામ ચંદ્રયાન -૩
લક્ષ્ય  ચંદ્ર
લોન્ચિંગ સતીશ ધવન સ્પેસ સેન્ટર, શ્રી હરિકોટા
લોન્ચ વ્હીકલ GSLV-MKIII
મિશનના સાધનો  
1) પ્રોપલ્શન મોડ્યુલ
2) લેન્ડર
3) રોવર
મિશનનો સમયગાળો  1 ચંદ્ર દિવસ એટલે કે 14 પૃથ્વીના દિવસો
વજન 3900 કિલો
લેન્ડિંગ સ્થળ ચંદ્રનો દક્ષિણી ધ્રુવ

ચંદ્રયાન 3 નું લાઈવ ટેલીકાસ્ટ

ચંદા મામા દૂર કે,..બાળપણથી આપણે ચાંદા મામાની વારતાં, ગીત સાંભળતાં આવ્યા છીએ, એ ચાંદામામા જે આકાશમાં આપણી સૌથી નજીકનો ગ્રહ છે. પરંતુ વૈજ્ઞાનિક દ્રષ્ટીએ ચાંદામામાં અનેક રહસ્યો છૂપાયેલા છે.

આ ચાંદામામાને સર કરવા માટે આપણા ઇસરોનું સૌથી મોટું મિશન ચંદ્રયાન-3નું કાઉન્ટડાઉન શરૂ થઇ ગયું છે. ભારત માટે આ ચંદ્રયાન મિશન કેમ આટલું મહત્વનું છે, આ મિશન સફળ થતાં વિજ્ઞાનિકોને શું જાણકારી મળશે, અગાઉ એક મિશન કેમ નિષ્ફળ રહ્યું હતું. આ તમામ વાતનો જવાબ તમને આ આર્ટિકલમાં મળી જશે.

જુઓ ચંદ્રયાન 3 નું લાઈવ ટેલીકાસ્ટ, લાઈવ ચંદ્રયાન 3 લોન્ચને ઓનલાઈન કેવી રીતે જોવું?

Chandrayaan 3 launch Live

  • તારીખ 14 જુલાઇ, સમય બપોરે 2.35 વાગ્યે, આ એ સમય અને તારીખ છે જ્યારે આપણી સ્પેસ એજન્સી ઇસરો ચંદ્ર પર યાન ઉતારવાની યાત્રા શ્રીહરિકોટાના સતીશ ધવન સ્પેસ સેન્ટરથી ચંદ્રયાન-3ને લોન્ચ કરશે.
  • આ માત્ર ઇસરોનું જ મિશન નથી, પરંતુ કરોડો ભારતવાસીઓની ભાવના જોડાયેલી છે તેવું મિશન છે. એક સપનું છે, જેને પુરુ થવા માટે દરેક ભારત વાસી વર્ષોથી રાહ જુએ છે. માત્ર ભારતવાસી જ નહીં પરંતુ સમગ્ર દુનિયાની નજર આ ચંદ્રયાન-3 પર છે.
  • આવું એટલા માટે કારણ કે જુલાઇ 2019માં મોકલવામાં આવેલું મિશન ચંદ્રયાન-2નું લેન્ડર વિક્રમ ધ્વસ્ત થઇ ગયું અને મિશન ફેલ થઇ ગયું. જો કે આ નિષ્ફળ મિશનમાંથી કંઇક શીખીને ઇસરો આ વખતે સફળતાનો તિરંગો લહેરાવવા માટે તૈયાર છે.

ચંદ્ર પર સેફ લેન્ડિંગ બાદ શું કરશે કામ

અત્યારસુધી દુનિયાના અનેક દેશોએ ચંદ્ર પર મિશન મોકલ્યા છે, જો કે ચંદ્રની ડાર્ક સાઇડ જેના વિશે હજુ અનેક રહસ્યો અકબંધ છે, જ્યાં હજુ માનવીની પહોંચ નથી, ત્યાં ઇસરોનું ચંદ્રયાન-3 પહોંચશે અને સંશોધનો કરશે.

અહીં લેન્ડ થયા બાદ ચંદ્રયાન-3નું રોવર ચંદ્રમાની ધરતીની તસવીરો મોકલશે, ત્યાંની માટીની તપાસ કરશે, ચંદ્ર પર વાતાવરણ કેવું છે તેનો રિપોર્ટ આપશે, ચાંદની ધરતીનું કેમિકલ વિશ્લેષણ કરી ખનીજ અંગે વિસ્તૃત માહિતી મેળવશે.

આ વખતના મિશનમાં શું ખાસ છે ?

ઇસરોએ ચંદ્રયાન-2ની નિષ્ફળતા બાદ તેમાંથી ઘણું શીખીને ચંદ્રયાન-3 તૈયાર કર્યું છે. આ વખતે ચંદ્રયાન-3માં ઓર્બિટર નહીં હોય કારણ કે ચંદ્રયાન-2નું ઓર્બિટર હજુ પણ ચંદ્રની કક્ષામાં ચક્કર લગાવી રહ્યું છે. આ વખતે ઓર્બિટરની જગ્યાએ પ્રોપલ્શન મોડ્યુલ લગાવવામાં આવ્યું છે. જે ચંદ્રયાન-3ના લેન્ડરના સોફ્ટ લેન્ડિંગ દરમિયાન નેવિગેશનમાં મદદ કરશે. ચંદ્રયાન-3 મિશનમાં મોડ્યુલના ત્રણ ભાગ છે.
  • પ્રોપલ્શન મોડ્યુલ (ISS Propulsion Module) – જે સ્પેસશિપને ઉડાળવાનો ભાગ હોય છ.
  • લેન્ડર મોડ્યુલ Lander module (LM)– જે સ્પેસશિપને ચંદ્ર પર ઉતરાવાનો ભાગ છે.
  • રોવર (Rover)– આ ચંદ્રનો ડેટા ભેગો કરવાનો ભાગ છે.

આ વખતના ચંદ્રયાન-3 મિશનમાં વધુ સેન્સર, સોફ્ટવેરમાં બદલાવ કરવામાં આવ્યો છે. ચંદ્રયાન-3 પોતાની સાથે પ્રોપલ્શન મોડ્યુલ જેનું વજન 2 હજાર 148 કિલોગ્રામ છે. વિક્રમ લેન્ડર, જેનું વજન 1 હજાર 726 કિલોગ્રામ છે અને 26 કિલોનું રોવર પણ સાથે લઇ જશે. લેન્ડરની સાથે 4 પેલોડ પણ મોકલવામાં આવશે

તો છેલ્લે તમને જણાવી દઇએ કે ચંદ્રયાન-3ને લોન્ચ કરવા માટે LVM-3ની મદદ લેવામાં આવશે. ઇસરોનું આ એવું રોકેટ લોન્ચર છે જેમાં દરેક લોન્ચ સફળ રહ્યાં છે. LVM-3 ચંદ્રયાનના ઇન્ટ્રીગ્રેટેડ મોડ્યુલને પૃથ્વીની કક્ષા 170 કિમી x 36, 500 કિમી આકારના પાર્કિંગ ઓર્બિટમાં સ્થાપિત કરશે.

ત્યારબાદ ચંદ્રયાન-3 પૃથ્વીની કક્ષામાંથી બહાર નીકળીને ચંદ્ર તરફ આગળ વધશે. એટલે સરળ ભાષામાં કહીએ તો ચંદ્રયાન ચાંદ તરફ સીધું જ નહીં પરંતુ વિવિધ સ્ટેજમાં ચંદ્ર તરફ આગળ વધશે.

Important Link

ચંદ્રયાન 3  લાઈવ અહી થી જુઓ  અહીં ક્લિક કરો
સત્તાવાર વેબસાઈ અહીં ક્લિક કરો
વધુ માહિતી માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો

નોંધ :- આ લેખ ફક્ત માહિતીના હેતુ માટે લખવામાં આવ્યો છે, વધુ માહિતી માટે તમે સત્તાવાર વેબસાઇટની મુલાકાત લઈ શકો છો…..આ લેખ દ્વારા, અમે તમને જુઓ ચંદ્રયાન 3 નું લાઈવ ટેલીકાસ્ટ, લાઈવ ચંદ્રયાન 3 લોન્ચને ઓનલાઈન કેવી રીતે જોવું?

આવી બીજી યોજના અને શૈક્ષણિક અપડેટ્સ માટે અમારી સાથે જોડાયેલા રહો. અમારી તમામ પોસ્ટ્સની સૂચના મેળવવા માટે અમારા WhatsApp ગ્રુપ સાથે જોડાઓ.
Ayodhya Ram temple 'Bhoomi Pujan' live update

Ayodhya Ram temple 'Bhoomi Pujan' live update

Ayodhya Ram temple 'Bhoomi Pujan' live update

The Bhoomi Poojan program for the Ram temple in Ayodhya has started from tomorrow. In Ayodhya, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is reaching the foundation stone of the grand temple of Ramlala, then Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself is constantly monitoring the preparations. Regarding the preparations for the temple, Champat Rai of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust told that 135 saints have been invited from all over the country. People from every part of the country will participate in the Bhoomi Poojan program.

Ayodhya Ram temple 'Bhoomi Pujan' live update

Here is the full tour program of Chief Minister Modi Bhoomipujan

the joy of building the grand temple of Ramlala in Ayodhya is being witnessed. The house is full of preparations and enthusiasm. Saffron flags can be seen on roads and streets. PM Modi will pay tribute on the land of Ram temple in Ayodhya tomorrow. The work of Bhoomipujan of the temple started from yesterday. It is reported that PM Modi will address the country for about an hour after paying tribute to the country.

PM Modi's full program in Ayodhya Ram temple

The Bhoomi Poojan program for the Ram temple in Ayodhya has started from tomorrow. In Ayodhya, where Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself is reaching the foundation stone of the grand temple of Ramlala, then Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath himself is constantly monitoring the preparations. Regarding the preparations for the temple, Champat Rai of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust told that 135 saints have been invited from all over the country. People from every part of the country will participate in the Bhoomi Poojan program.

Auspicious time for land worship

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will reach the Ram Janmabhoomi campus on August 5 at 12 noon. After this, he will worship Ramlala Virajaman in 10 minutes. After this, he established the foundation stone of the temple at 12.44 minutes and 15 seconds.

Live Bhoomi Pujan Link

ખાલી હેલ્મેટ પહેરેલુ હોય તેનાથી નહીં ચાલે, આ કામ તો કરવું જ પડશે, નહીંતર લાગશે 2000 રૂપિયાનો દંડ

ખાલી હેલ્મેટ પહેરેલુ હોય તેનાથી નહીં ચાલે, આ કામ તો કરવું જ પડશે, નહીંતર લાગશે 2000 રૂપિયાનો દંડ

Know the new traffic rules therwise you will get severe punishmentt his rule is mandatory

According to the new traffic rules, even if you wear a helmet, a fine of Rs 2,000 will be imposed.  This is because today we are going to give you information about it.  In fact, under the Motor Vehicle Act, if you do not wear a helmet while driving a

motorcycle or scooter, a fine of Rs 1000 will be imposed under Rule 194D MVA and you will be fined for wearing a helmet without BIS.  1000 fine as per 194D MVA.

Supreme Court advises parents not to send children to school at a very young age, serious health effectsF Larmer's idea came in handy, VIDEO went viral to save crop from birds

It is called the confluence of taste and health, start consuming these 6 sauces from today, diseases will go away

  More than 20,000 currency to be deducted

Also, under the new Motor Vehicle Act, overloading the vehicle will have to pay a heavy fine of Rs 20,000.  Also, doing so will attract an additional fine of Rs 2,000 per tonne.  This has happened before.  If you do this then you will have to pay a fine of several thousand.

lick here to see if currency has been deducted Visit the website and select the Currency Status option.  You will get the option of Currency Number, Vehicle Number and Driving License Number. 

ગુજરાતી મા વાંચવા અહીં ક્લીક કરો

 Select the Vehicle Number option.  Fill in the requested information and click on Get Details.  Now the currency status will come in front of you.

Driving licence new rules 2021 New driving licence rules 2021

Driving licence new rules 2021 New driving licence rules 2021

Driving test on RTO won't need to be given for driving license (DL), the rule changed from today 

Driving license new rules 2021, in India

Driving License New Rule: Making the way toward getting a driving license much simpler, today the public authority has rolled out a major improvement in its rules. Driving license candidates won't need to go through the troublesome interaction of getting a driving license through Provincial Vehicle Workplaces (RTOs) from today for example Thursday. The changed rule of the Association Service of Streets in regards to the issuance of driving licenses has come into power from today. 

Driving Licence Get 18 features

In fact, the Service of Transport has informed new rules for accreditation of Driving Instructional hubs. Where up-and-comers will be offered excellent driving courses, and when the test is passed, they will be excluded from the driving test at the hour of acquiring the driving license. 

How might the preparation be: 

As indicated by the new rule, authorize driving instructional hubs will be outfitted with test systems just as committed driving test tracks to give excellent preparation to the candidates. Where candidates will be given finished preparing about driving so they can become familiar with the subtleties of driving and drive effectively out and about. 

It will take such a long time to figure out how to drive a light vehicle (LMV): 

The notice gave by the Service expresses that the term of light engine vehicle driving course in licensed driver preparing focuses is 29 hours in a most extreme time of about a month from the date of the beginning of the course. That is, the candidate needs to pick up driving in the greatest a month after the declaration of beginning the driving course. It has additionally been expressed that, this course will incorporate both hypothesis and practice. 

It will require some investment to figure out how to drive a weighty vehicle (HMV): 

Then again, as far as possible for figuring out how to drive weighty engine vehicles, for example, hefty vehicles has been given somewhat more by the Service. As per this warning, the span of medium and weighty engine vehicle driving course in licensed driver preparing focuses is 38 hours in a time of about a month and a half. This course is likewise partitioned into Functional and Hypothesis. Moreover, drivers will be shown other essential rules identified with the street just as some fundamental perspectives about moral and well-mannered conduct. 

How To Get Learning Driving Licence In Gujarat

These licensed driving places won't just give preparing in driving lights and hefty vehicles, however will likewise permit them to prepare vehicles identified with any industry. Truth be told, the public authority accepts that these new rules will likewise address the lack of talented drivers. The absence of skilled drivers is widespread on Indian streets and this is one of the significant issues in the area. 

Driving license in 30 minutes

News By Tv9 Gujarati 

ગુજરાતીમાં વાંચો અહીં

Clarify that, the accreditation given for these authorized driver preparing focuses will be substantial for a time of five years. These can be additionally renewed. Absence of information on street rules prompts countless street mishaps.

How To Get Learning Driving Licence In Gujarat From Sarthi Parivahan

How To Get Learning Driving Licence In Gujarat From Sarthi Parivahan

How To Get Learning Driving Licence In Gujarat From Sarthi Parivahan

How To Get Learning Driving Licence In Gujarat From Sarthi Parivahan

How To Get Learning Driving Permit In Gujarat From Sarthi Parivahan

Learning Permit in Gujarat: To legitimately drive a motor vehicle in the territory of Gujarat, an individual must hold a substantial driving permit. A driving permit can be obtained by an individual who holds a learning permit. A learning permit in Gujarat is given according to the arrangements of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 by the Gujarat RTO.

How To Get Learning Driving Licence In Gujarat From Sarthi Parivahan

learning permit gave in Gujarat is legitimate for a time of a half year and an application for the changeless DL can be made following 30 days or within 180 days from the date of issuance of the learning permit. Gujarat learning permits can be obtained by an individual by following the underneath referenced procedure.

Sorts of learning licenses gave in Gujarat

The Gujarat RTO issues a learning permit to an individual based on the class of vehicle he needs to drive. The following are the sorts of learning licenses gave to an individual in Gujarat:

Learning permits gave for a light motor vehicle: This kind of LL includes vehicles, for example, jeeps, auto carts, conveyance vans, and so on.

Learning permit gave for a medium traveler vehicle: This kind of LL includes vehicles, for example, beats and minivans utilized for ferrying travelers.

Learning permit gave for a medium product vehicle: This kind of LL includes vehicles, for example, conveyance trucks, beats utilized for transportation of merchandise.

Learning permit gave for substantial traveler vehicle: This sort of LL includes vehicles, for example, huge transports and vans utilized for ferrying travelers.

Learning Licence Apply Online 2021

Learning permit gave for substantial merchandise vehicle: This kind of LL includes vehicles, for example, immense trucks and vans utilized for transporting products.

Learning permits gave for a motorcycle without gear: This kind of LL includes vehicles, for example, bikes and mopeds without gear.

Learning permit for light motor vehicle: This kind of LL includes vehicles, for example, a vehicle, bicycles, and so forth with gear.

Qualification Rules for Obtaining Learning Permit in Gujarat

To obtain a learning permit for a motor vehicle not exceeding an engine limit of 50cc, an individual ought to be over the age of 16 years and ought to obtain assent from his folks or watchman.

To obtain a learning permit for a light motor vehicle, an individual ought to be over the age of 18 years.

To obtain a learning permit for a business vehicle, an individual ought to be over the age of 20 years.

An individual applying for a learning permit ought to have talked with traffic rules and guidelines.

Records Required for Obtaining a Student's Permit in Gujarat

The underneath archives must be submitted to the Gujarat RTO to obtain a learning permit in the state.

Age and address evidence archives, for example, service charges, Skillet card, Aadhar Card, school authentication, birth endorsement, and so on.

Application Structure 2

Application charge of Rs. 30

Learning permit test charge of Rs. 25

Application Structure 2

Identification size photographs

To obtain a changeless DL in Gujarat, it's basic for an individual to initially obtain a student's permit. An application for a student's permit in Gujarat can be obtained by following both of the beneath forms.

Online application procedure to obtain a learning permit in Gujarat

Visit Ministry of Roadways and Street Transport Site

Snap-on online administrations and select driving permit-related administrations

Enter the name of the state-Gujarat

Snap-on apply online [Direct Link] and select learning permit 

Fill the application shape and submit it online

Transfer checked duplicates of the previously mentioned archives

Pay the application expenses

Book a test opening for the learning permit test

Visit the RTO to give the test

The learning permit is sent to the candidate's enrolled address on passing the test

Mparivahan - Official Rto Division Application 

In the province of Gujarat, the Gujarat RTO issues a copy student's permit to a candidate whose original learning permit is stolen, lost, or harmed. If there should be an occurrence of loss of the student's permit, the candidate needs to document an FIR, post which he can continue with the application procedure.

Archives required for obtaining a copy driving permit in Gujarat

Age and address verification reports

Application Structure LLD

Appropriate application expenses

FIR duplicate, if there should be an occurrence of robbery of the original LL

Strategy to obtain a copy learning permit in Gujarat

An application for a copy learning permit in Gujarat can be made online or offline straightforwardly at the RTO. In the case of applying online, the candidate can present the archives, structure, and pay the charges online, post which he should visit the RTO for the confirmation of the records. In the case of applying offline, the candidate can gather the structure from the RTO or download it through the Gujarat RTO site Based on the check of the records, the copy LL is given to the candidate.

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Driving license in 30 minutes how to get a driving license in india

Driving license in 30 minutes how to get a driving license in india

Driving license in 30 minutes how to get a driving license in India

license No one can get a driving license in 30 minutes, but after the Maharashtra government started making the services of the transport department online, this fact has come and in view of the results so far, aiming to make all the services related to the transport department

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સરકારી યોજનાઓ

અહિ ક્લિક કરો

સરકારી નોકરી

અહિ ક્લિક કરો

એપ્લિકેશન માહિતી

અહિ ક્લિક કરો

ગ્રૂપમાં જોડાવા માટે



All the Best All Friends

Driving license in 30 minutes

Online in the coming days. Has come. license1 An online service was started 10 months back by Maharashtra RTO to reinforce the agents who have been taking advantage of the beneficiaries of licensing in the licensing process and licensing process. However, due to this process, the awareness of the learning license, which is not available in just half an hour, is not yet known. In the last 10 months, 13 online services related to RTO licenses have been started in a total of 50 offices in Maharashtra and by the next week, 16 new online services related to the vehicle ownership transfer, address change, loan, the renewal will start.

સરકારે લોન્ચ કરી Mera Ration એપ. જાણો કોને અને કેવી રીતે મળશે ફાયદો ?

license According to RTO commissioner Dr. RK Rao, according to the information provided by the RTO, about 800 computers have been set up to handle the learning licenses and licensing process in the state’s 50 auctions. Praveen Gadaam told mid-day that ‘Since the end of 2016, online services have been started for the convenience of the citizenry to make the RTO system faster and modern in the era of the computer.

There is a facility to pay a simple online form for bringing transparency in the processing licenses or licensing process. There is also a facility of online payment of fees from online submission of documents to the learning license. Since the necessary documents are online records, it will be beneficial to provide RTO-related processing in future, as well as people who apply for licenses can get an education license by taking up an appointment and giving a physical test and taking a physical license in 30 minutes, people still contact the agent, but online Troubleshooting traffic signal, road corners, driving while driving Dari, will keep things like alcohol limit.

|તમારા મોબાઈલ માં જેટલો સમય હોય એ સમય તમારો પાસવર્ડ બનશે એપ્સ ડાવઉન્લોડ કરો 

Often, the process of obtaining a license by an agent was being used to ignore all this, but now it is not possible. After starting 13 service-related licenses online, the vehicle will now be launched shortly by saying that the online vehicle service will be launched. Praveen Gaidam says that ‘we have simplified the process of transferring vehicles through the online service. The citizens will get the benefit of the total 29 online services started by Maharashtra RTO.

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Even the smallest AC from mobile has come in the market which will fit in the clothes

Even the smallest AC from mobile has come in the market which will fit in the clothes

 An AC smaller than a mobile has arrived in the market, will fit in clothes, and get rid of scorching heat.

Even the smallest AC from mobile has come in the market which will fit in the clothes

More than one innovation is happening in the world of technology. Seeing the heat, now Sony has launched the new powerful Pocket AC Reon Pocket 2 in the market. This model is a new version of the company's Reon Pocket AC which came out last year and its design are the same as before.

But the new model gives a lot of cooling and does not allow extreme heat to be felt. The special thing about Sony Reon Pocket 2 AC is that you can also use it as a heater. This new RON pocket device from Sony has been developed under the 'Sony Startup Acceleration Program' to help build startups and business operations.

What will be the cost? The Sony Reon Pocket 2 is priced at 14,850 yen, or about Rs 10,300. Currently, the new AC is only available in the Japanese market, but no information has been received as to when it will be introduced in India. But given the way people are battling the heat in India, it could be launched in India soon but no such information has been received from the company.

Sony's new Ron Pocket 2 has a compact design and is smaller in size than a smartphone. The company claims that these smartphones work through smartphones and touch the body, cooling and warming the body surface. Sony has designed the new model in such a way that even light exercisers can use it and so it is sweat-proof and drip-proof. Stainless steel is used for cooling and heating in this small AC that comes in contact with the body. The company is launching licenses for compatible wearables and accessories for this new product. According to the company, things that can be primarily attached to the body can be used for many purposes, depending on the lifestyle of the people.

મોબાઈલ કરતા નાનું એસી આવ્યું માર્કેટમાં, કપડામાં ફિટ થશે અને કાળઝાળ ગરમીથી મળશે છુટકારો.

No need to worry if there is a torn note, get all the money back, see what is RBI rule

No need to worry if there is a torn note, get all the money back, see what is RBI rule

 Do you also have torn notes?

 The torn note bank will replace

 See what is the rule of RBI

No need to worry if there is a torn note, get all the money back, see what is RBI rule

Often a shopkeeper in the market will grab you a torn note.  At that time your attention does not go to it.  But later, when you look at it, you get confused as to whether it will work in the market or not.  You don't have to worry about how to change it, though.

You can easily exchange torn notes at any branch of a bank.  If a bank refuses to exchange these notes, action may be taken against them.  The thing to keep in mind here is that the worse the condition of the note, the lower its value will be.  The Reserve Bank has issued guidelines for the exchange of such notes.  It is important for everyone to know these rules.

If you are also a beneficiary of PM Kisan Scheme, this is how to get e-KYC sitting at home, learn the step by step process.

ગુજરાતી માં વાંચો: ક્લિક here

How to update Aadhaar card if house is changed?  Learn the easiest way

 ... then hang me in public, see what the then Chief Minister said on the issue of 'The Kashmir Files'

This is the rule of RBI

 If you have a low denomination note like Rs. 5, 10, 20 or Rs.  Then you will get full money, otherwise you will not get anything.  That is, if there is a torn 10 rupee note, 50% of it should be safe, then in return you will get a good 10 rupee note.  If the number of torn notes exceeds 20 and its value exceeds Rs. 5,000, you will have to pay a fee.  The direct rule of thumb is that it should have a security symbol such as Gandhiji's watermark, RBI governor's signature and serial number.  So the bank cannot refuse to exchange such torn notes.

Can be replaced on a shattered note

If the note is broken, it can be replaced.  But it takes more time.  For this, the note has to be sent by post to the branch of the Reserve Bank.  The Reserve Bank has to provide its bank account number, branch name, IFSC code, note value etc.

The Reserve Bank removes these torn notes from the baking system and replaces them with new ones.  Earlier, the Reserve Bank used to burn these notes.  However, now it is recycled into smaller pieces, and it is made into paper items, which are sold in the market.

Reeva Chaudary Girls TV Serial

Reeva Chaudary Girls TV Serial

Reeva Chaudary at the dispatch of Hamari Bahu Silk in Mumbai Picture: Sudeshna Banerjee

An accomplished little girl of a family thinks that its hard to get a vocation till she understands her endowment of mimicry qualifies her as a naming artiste and she starts titillating spectators as Natasha's voice. "The germ of the thought is the manner by which one's vocation decision causes society to characterize the individual's character. Ladies are bound by social shows and get judged. So they continually stress over what individuals will think," said Devyani Rale, Klay Picture, which prior created the effective show Jamai Raja for Zee TV. "Numerous on-screen characters who can't become wildly successful in films really become naming artistes. It is a carefree cut of-life appear," she included.

It is hard to envision that the quest for the attractive diva Natasha, who is keen on making a vocation out of titillating jobs in exotic movies, could lead the creators of Zee TV's new sequential Hamari Bahu Silk (pretense Monday to Friday at 10.30pm on Zee TV) to north Calcutta. The chirpy young lady who communicates in Bengali with a Hindi suggestion and has rehashed her name with an alternate spelling, is good to go to grasp her presentation job.

Where in Calcutta would you say you are from?

Sri Gopal Mullick Lane in the College Street territory. I used to swim in the green water of College Square as a youngster!

When did you land here?

Four years prior I moved to Mumbai and was going after for films.

January 2. This is an excruciating year for me. In February, I chose since my mom was so excited about serials, let me go after TV serials. What's more, all of a sudden I got this break. They were searching for a hot young lady and I happened to be there. Would anyone be able to be more blazing than Bengali young ladies? In my youth, my sibling used to pull my leg as I articulated Zee TV as 'Jee' TV. Presently I am doing a plum job on the channel. This is my mom's favoring.

Reeva Chaudary Girls TV Serial

Reeva Chaudary Girls TV Serial

How could you plan to become Natasha? 

My sibling used to state that I ought to get familiar with the systems on the off chance that I needed to get into acting. So I went to acting workshops in Calcutta and again here in Mumbai. I used to communicate in Hindi with a Bengali inflection. Like most Bengalis, even my conveyance of discourse was sing-melody. My character in the show is Bengali — Natasha Mitra. So a little highlight would not make any difference. Be that as it may, since it would arrive at a container Indian group of spectators, I needed to buckle down on my Hindi. I quit talking in Bengali and am going to style classes for a long time now.

Was Hindi itself an issue? 

No, I had taken second language Hindi in school (Arya Kanya Balika Vidyalaya) since I needed to get into acting.

The show's trailers are now on air. How are beloved companions responding?

They are cheerful yet they got stressed hearing my voice. I disclosed to them it is the interest of the story. In spite of the fact that Natasha has a body to kick the bucket for, she can't get a job in light of her grinding voice. So my voice is as a rule precisely jerked. I needed to do a 10-multi day workshop.

Is the show propelled from Tumhari Sulu (the film on a housewife who turns RJ for a late night program on relationship exhortation)?

Not in the least. You need to see our show. It is exceptionally bright.

How extraordinary is Natasha from Reeva? 

Natasha is goal-oriented and a consideration searcher. She has a searing temper as well. I need acclaim like her yet the likeness closes there.

What are you missing from home?

Breakfast at Flurys, jhalmuri, phuchka, biryani…

Don't you get phuchka here in Mumbai? 

Ei panipuri ta phuchka? Chhi! Ekhankar biryani te aloo aar regard obdhi nei. Bhalo lage bolo? Oi jonnyo roga hoye jachchhi.

For what reason did you change your name?

I went to Sanjay Jumaani. At the point when things don't work out, one gets into crystal gazing, numerology...

Your physical appearance is significant for this job. It is safe to say that you are on an eating routine?

I am utilized to steamed rice two times every day for my entire life. I can't change that! However, I do a great deal of yoga. There is no extension to do much else as we go through 13 hours on the sets.